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To Do List? or List of Procrastinations?

I thought i would attempt to be cool and have a to do list on my page. This list may someday drives me away from LJ because my eyes don't want to see the list anymore after many time of putting off completing the to-do-tasks.

  1. K-T Gen Fic where a fan complained to Kame that not only his hair sported a weird colour, it lacked lustred and looked frayed as well. Kame went and complained to Ueda. I have been having an urge to write this one very badly xDDD Gave up on it. Never even tried.

  2. K-T Gen Fic - Kame's love of making bad joke. It's partially Taguchi's fault and K-T's fault? A-TUN's POV. Gave up on it. Never even tried.

  3. Read more non-fiction books.

  4. Write more random rabble to entertain myself.

icare4noone - the journal I used to post rambling nonsense to encourage me to put down my thoughts into writing.


Erm erm erm

I"m so thirsty for fic or reading in general. I need to read something longer than a paragraph that I run into occasionally without planning to. I need to finish at least the prologue of my story so I can go and read other people's work that is not my own bad writing. I think 2 more days and I will force out all the prologue that I feel I need, or my need to read will win. At least I stop listening to music.

I also hate writing on laptop because my palm keep touching the mouse pad? on the laptop? whatever that space is called, so the pointer keeps jumping up and down. I waste time to correct those mistakes too.

I also thought I got kicked out of a comm when I couldn't read their new entry and I was not listed as a member. Turned out, I was logged into my writing account at that time.

I need to go to work.

Wasabi peas are not so bad

They make your inside warm.


Fandom drama lama

Yes it's time for me to stop going into Tumblr tagg VIXX. I keep running into negative post of blogs I don't follow. I learned my lessons after years of being in other fandoms. I'll just stick to the positive and informative blogs I already followed. They don't have all the gifs and pictures but that's much better than keep running into negativity.

Oh and

Lim Kim & Choiza - Last Scene MV - sounds absolutely beautiful. I think I may do a digital purchase. I'm so happy Lim Kim keeps churning out these lovely song with other artists one after another. Her voice is so lovely and a tiny bit haunting.

Judge Judy

I'm going to start searching for Judge Judy gifs on Tumblr.

That's it.

Good night.

Oh and Nobless. I wonder how that webcomic is going.
I think I need to write more often to entertain my need to read. I have written more short stories in the last few days than I have in my entire life. My incessant need to read actually reduces greatly. Right now I'm feeling more mellow.

I don't know how long this writing goal for myself will last. I'll just see how long it will go. Ideas and thoughts are always swirling in head. That will never change. I think if I act right away and write down whenever I have an urge to write out an idea (more importantly not to over think my words and sentences), I will continue to churn a lot of random rabble.
Note: Porn? I don't write porn. I think enough of porn in my head but I never write porn. It's a foreplay before porn? Near the end, it does get a bit explicit.

Disclaimer: These two people are fictional. They are not even based on anyone in life. I have stories that I think up in my head for years.These two characters come from one of these story.

Soft Porn and random characters from a story in my headCollapse )

Note: yeah that's it. I'll just stop here and die.

Before I die, I will also cross-posted this to my writing LJ because I forgot I was still logged into this LJ.



I have entered another social network site which I always said I wouldn't. Tumblr finally hooks me in. I made an account years ago but I only started to use it last 2 weeks.

Tumblr lets me see pretty pictures of pretty people from other people I don't need to get to know, or ask permission first to join communities, and other restrictions. I like that I can just reblog pictures without uploading to a hosting site.

Alot of people complain about Tumblr being a negative place. They must have follow the wrong people. You choose the environment you are in in term of the internet communities. I just follow people who mostly post pictures. I don't need to know why their favourties are better than others or their favourite beings can do no wrong. No thank you. Just pretty pictures please, I'm shallow like that.


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